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Making yogurt is like using a git repo. Each new item is based on the last and there's always some kind of evolution going on.

I just spent way too long troubleshooting an HDMI connection only to finally notice that the cable was directional. Sheesh.

I had to manually encode the recipient delimiter "+" to "%2B" in a password reset email link because my hunch was the server didn't know how to parse it correctly. I was right. Sigh.

Commit a crime in the service of the president? No problem! He'll pardon you on his way out. Worried about being convicted in the future? He's got you covered. Make sure to stay on his good side and you'll be in the good ol' corrupt boys club forever.

This administration shows its true holiday spirit by rushing to execute prisoners before the new administration comes in.

People who pull down their mask in public to cough... you do know why you're wearing it right? 🙄

It sucks when someone types their password into chat in an all-hands staff meeting with 160+ people in it.

There's no redact/delete function in Zoom chat.

Great. Now that that's over, can we please stop electing old white men? He will be the oldest *by far*. If he gets a 2nd term, he will leave office at the age of 86!

mastadon relationships are weird. I don't really feel like I'm good friends with anyone I've met here, but we're definitely more than acquaintances. It reminds me of that guy in group therapy who always laughed at my morbid jokes and had good things to say and maybe they'd be cool to hangout with but I don't do anything about it because I don't want to be weird. you're all that guy

Really not enjoying the spam *quarantine* notification emails. Can we use another word for that one?

: If your old school top-loading washing machine's agitator doesn't seem to rotate anymore (as evidenced by some clothing remaining partially dry through the cycle!), replace the agitator dogs. They're a $5 part and the machine will act like new. My old ones were worn down and softer than my fingernail.

It would be great if we could all get a -19 test. That way I wouldn't have to isolate myself from my wife and baby in my own house if they, as I suspect, are already carriers. Day 2 of ? and quite 😢

I don't understand why there were still Cadbury Eggs available. I understand the canned goods, but do people not consider Cadbury Eggs essential? 😏

The stupidest thing car makers do is make their EVs look "futuristic."

Cybertruck excluded, of course.

This is why I chose not to continue my path in that industry.

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