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Really not enjoying the spam *quarantine* notification emails. Can we use another word for that one?

: If your old school top-loading washing machine's agitator doesn't seem to rotate anymore (as evidenced by some clothing remaining partially dry through the cycle!), replace the agitator dogs. They're a $5 part and the machine will act like new. My old ones were worn down and softer than my fingernail.

It would be great if we could all get a -19 test. That way I wouldn't have to isolate myself from my wife and baby in my own house if they, as I suspect, are already carriers. Day 2 of ? and quite 😢

I don't understand why there were still Cadbury Eggs available. I understand the canned goods, but do people not consider Cadbury Eggs essential? 😏

The stupidest thing car makers do is make their EVs look "futuristic."

Cybertruck excluded, of course.

This is why I chose not to continue my path in that industry.

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What kind of company forces you to call them on the phone to reset your password?!

Always wear eye protection when dealing with explosive ordinance such as cinnamon rolls.

Selfie, EC

In my house, home improvement projects always take longer than planned because the previous person didn't do it quite right. 🤦‍♂️

I want a remote sensor in my house that tells me the current smell. E.g., "The kitchen smells like chocolate cake."

Twitter wants to decentralize because they see how fast Mastodon and other decentralized networks are growing and Jack wants to monetize that.

He doesn't care about a freer, more open internet, he cares about watching Mastodon grow and that he's not making money off it.

So apparently I'm looking at a hardware failure of some kind. Sigh.

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