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With the fall of Wire, I have been increasingly relying on for my communications.

While E2EE needs to be manually enabled, it still has a better signup process and cross platform support than most alternatives.


Hmm, this was an expensive belt; I didn't think it was supposed to shrink like that. 🎅

Being a is putting on a new roll 🚽 for the next person even though you don't need any more.

What is with this incessant corporate need to track, record, document, and set up too much process around corporate goals, objectives, key results, etc.? Can't I just do my work instead of telling you I'm doing my work, reflecting on the work I've done, commenting on other team members' work, estimating my progress towards achieving what work I said I was going to do, blah, blah blah. It seems like outsourcing the human part of being a manager. Blërg!

I like the look of the Cybertruck. The stainless steel seems an obvious nod to the DeLorian, which was also ahead of it's time. Let's hope it doesn't suffer the same fate. At worst, it will surely see success on Mars. 👽

The linter errors on CI will continue until morale improves

TFW you open the chocolate truffle only to realize while it was warming in your pocket the shell fractured and now the liquid inside is dripping everywhere but you don't care you're still going to eat it anyway and maybe even lick the drips off of the wrapper and possibly even the table because damm this thing was expensive.

I still stand by my technique:

😩 Woke up at 1am. And 3am. And 5am. @agw needs to get his sleep together.

Hey people. The ones who follow me and the ones I follow. This is a new thing for most of us. Let's figure this out slowly and gradually. Let's do stuff. Let's not see what someone else is doing and start doing the same. Let's not make trends. Mastodon is an open ground and let's make different things out of it. I don't think there is any standard practice that we have to follow. Lets figure this out from scratch.

Thoughts on Mastodon.

#socialNetworks #fediverse #alternative

My two years on the fediverse, and especially the year and change so far on, have been the most rewarding and fulfilling stretch of time I've spent online in decades. I have crossed paths with incredible people, made some friends, and felt more warmth and support and generosity of spirit from this community than I have from pretty much anywhere else online. It just feels good, man. I'm glad I'm here, and I'm glad y'all are here too. Long may we run!

Favorite quote:

Wesley: My mom is a real pain in the rocks, I tell you what. Congratulations to the people who don't know her.

Dr. Crusher: I should inject you with respect.

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calling someone a "shitbird" is a good insult for a couple reasons:

A) youre calling someone a bird aka "nature's mistake"

B) youre saying the person isnt even good at being a bird

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