@philrw hi, Phil! Big fan of the Phil's Osophies™ and your diverse skills. Special thanks for posting about keycloak and mastodon's SAML.

As I normally do with websites with permissive licensing, I have copied yours for offline reading and `ripgrep` grepping.

Sadly, as the result of me running `wget -mk` without `-w 0.5 --random-wait` I got IP-banned from all your services.

If you could unban ``, it would be very nice!

@jonn Hi Jonn! Nice to meet you. I don't recall any IP banning processes, I think my server process just got stuck. Also, my failure monitoring failed to monitor that correctly, so I'm going to have to fix that.

HTTP(S) should be back up now -- but you can mirror the whole thing via IPFS if you'd prefer. The latest CID is QmTCYa7RA93p4yaBegocLBa56h4mtMwsiqDiDe7BYzoKmh. You can pin it recursively on a local machine and it will get all of my content, *if* IPFS works correctly.

@philrw awesome, thanks for clarifying! I also finallu have a reason to figure out #IPFS.

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