me: "That's shampoo."
@agw: "poop"
me: "shampoo"
@agw: "shampoop"
me: "shampoo"
@agw: "shampoo"

Why call it "kiln-dried lumber" when you could call it baked beams

It is unwise to become sentimental about uneaten leftovers.

Nobody knows what I do and when I try to explain it I either dumb it out down too much or not enough and either way I end up sounding like an ass.

Being an adult is mostly just going to bed when you don't want to and also waking up when you don't want to.

Tech folks - pay attention to your user interface. Nobody cares that the caller ID says "VoIP Caller." I didn't need to know that. Most people don't know what "VoIP" means.

Electric F-150 "Lightning." I love that they're finally offering an electric version of this vehicle soon. Great for the planet.

That being said, I'm still waiting for the CyberTruck. People say traditional trucks are "tried and true," and that they "know what people want." BS. They know what people are *familiar with*, because that's the only choice they've ever had for a truck. Ugly and boring.

The CyberTruck looks different and I'm sure its specs will be great for doing "truck things."

you're thinking of linux's monster. linux is the programmer's name

If Apple made Tesla's latest fastest car, it would be called the iPlaid.

"we didn't start the fire" is literally a song about boomers refusing to take responsibility for the state of the world

Working remote or remotely working, amirite?

Perfectly sunny day yesterday. Got 65 kWh out of the solar array. Previous days, not so much.

258 EB in the last 24 hours? That's almost 24 million Gbps! I mean, my fiber is fast but...

@agw started saying "s" sounds at the ends of words today. He can count to at least 13 and recognizes most of the alphabet with difficulty deciphering "E", "W", and 'X". Though he does scream and cry for hours on end, especially after naps.

But he's only 21 months old so I'll cut him some slack.

me: cubed ice, please.
fridge: no, crushed.
me: cubed.
fridge: crushed.
me: ...
fridge: crushed
me: (sigh) crushed

Making yogurt is like using a git repo. Each new item is based on the last and there's always some kind of evolution going on.

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